уторак, 16. фебруар 2010.

Jacks of spades

i had the opportunity to participate in one interesting "project" - my friend Maja asked me, among bunch of other artists, to design a Jack of spades playing card - this was her present to her brother for his birthday. so, now, 6 months after the birthday, i am publishing all the Jacks from the collection. besides Dzaizku, there are works of: Andreco, Sale Mihajlovic, Aleksandra Spasov, Filip Jevtic, Danijel Savovic, Vuk Palibrk, Johanna Marcade, Alberto Corradi, Marie Kohoutova, Pavel Soukup, Antun Gverovic..enjoy!

Zosen workshop in Pancevo

Thanks to Kyd Campbell, Zosen visited Pancevo and held a grafitti workshop with local artists. So i did my first wall panting.

random sketch

понедељак, 01. фебруар 2010.

Next comics festival, Linz

Thanks to Unkraut comics collective, i participated in Next comics festival in Linz, in begining of 2009..we did a workshop in improvised kitchen in the Ursulinenhof gallery - this is my small contribution to the collective painting on furniture.

found photo - autumn 09

found photo - autumn 2004