недеља, 06. јун 2010.

beirut connection

Duirng my stay in Beirut, in december 2009, i kept a photo diary, which was later transformed into this 4 pages story..enjoy!

International day of planet Earth, 2010

In april 2010, i had the opportunity to design this image which was printed on 400 cotton bags that were shared to people in the street in Banja Luka, Bosnia, on Earth's day.

t shirt design

apocalypse series

jam embroidery

Drawing jammed by Dzaizku, Aleksandar Zograf, Franco Sacchetti, Alberto Corradi, Nina Bunjevac, embroidered by Gordana Basta, June 2009

seasons of sun

a stop-motion video in progress

more stickers


stencil stickers

deep in the dungeons

random sketch

found photos

mutant dog

sticker jam with AndreCo

stickers, summer 2009

one old story from 2004

this is a short story i made in summer 2004 - back then i was much into melancholic poetry-like comics